Dublin Fringe Festival: How to be a Lad(y)

Ponybois' How to Be a Lad[y] as part of Dublin Fringe Festival

Ponybois' How to Be a Lad[y] as part of Dublin Fringe Festival

It's Raining Men or is it?  Maybe we’re looking at three boys and a girl or perhaps just four girls?.  Ponybois, offshoot of the ever lively Ponydance company, play with genre and gender in this new show to create their own exuberant mix of cabaret and burlesque, night fever dance moves and roller disco heaven. How to be a Lady/laddie just about sums it up as they gallop along to a pulsating soundtrack, which will remind some of too many spinning glitterballs in their misspent youth

As quickchange artists, their silhouetted forms shimmer and groove in their on stage dressing booths emerging for the next incongruous synchronised number, all highheeled sparkle, jealous tantrums, and flashing smiles and even knee socks. (and that’s just the guys) It’s a non-stop tribute to everyone who has ever practised cool routines in their bedrooms and ached for a chance to take it on stage.
But their improvised and engaging banter aside, these boyz and gal in the hood know exactly what they are about; they may not take themselves seriously but there is not an arm roll, ankle flick, or bump and grind from this new found chorus line that is not minutely choreographed and timed. The nods to ballet, hip hop, line dancing are smooth and slick and the roller skitting and  shape throwing is sublime. They make it all look easy and fun, arms and legs swivelling on cue and swaggering in sync on dagger heels; ever poised, teeming with Fringe spirit.

Star rating: ★★★★

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Dublin Fringe Festival: How to be a Lad(y) by ponybois

11-15 Sept, 2013

Produced by ponybois
In Smock Alley Theatre