'Twas the Night Before Christmas/Oíche Roimh an Nollaig

'Twas the Night Before Christmas/Oíche Roimh an Nollaig by Branar Theatre Company

It was 1948, “the year of the great excitement”, the year electricity arrived in Ballybrack. Branar borrows from Clement Clarke Moore’s classic poem to tell the story of one particular Christmas in the small rural town of Ballybrack. Unlike the poem, the town's excitement is not based...

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Rough Magic SEEDS: Way to Heaven

Rough Magic SEEDS: Way to Heaven by Juan Mayorga

It is part of the intriguing project of this play — an imagining of the production of the illusion of peace and wellbeing created in Theresienstadt during World War II — to present the dramatisation of a lie in order to disseminate its truth: that a well thought-out, indeed, a well-produced...

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Rough Magic SEEDS: Assassins

Rough Magic SEEDS: Assassins by Stephen Sondheim

An intelligent choice for the assassination anniversary that’s in it, Assassins the musical is, itself, fairly bizarre. Its scattershot moments of brilliance, despite its impressive and energetic production at the hands of the cast and crew, are not sufficient to make its garbled concept hold together,...

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The Yule Tide Tales

The Yule Tide Tales by Theatre Upstairs

It may very well be that many people’s first experience of theatre comes at Christmas time, either from being shepherded to the panto or the National Concert Hall, or from featuring as a shepherd in the school nativity play. Something about this time of year requires dramatisation, it would seem....

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Antimidas, or, Bankers in Hades

Antimidas, or, Bankers in Hades by Evangelia Rigaki, libretto by W.N. Herbert

Contemporary music theatre usually doesn’t favour comedy; most modern operas tackle weighty political and social issues or personal dramas without too much humour. So it is all the more remarkable that two modern comic operas were staged in Dublin in close succession: Gerald Barry’s The Importance...

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Three Monologues: Twinkletoes; Mustn't Forget High Noon; Christine

Three Monologues: Twinkletoes; Mustn't Forget High Noon; Christine by Jennifer Johnston

During the years of the Troubles, the green and pleasant lands of County Fermanaghsuffered a high number of casualties. This beautiful, ostensibly peaceful rural landscapeconceals a multitude of tragedies, many of them inflicted upon good-living, Protestantfamilies, who have worked these fertile pastures...

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The Colleen Bawn

The Colleen Bawn by Dion Boucicault

In the year that commemorated the 1913 lockout, and in the same week that a financially bruised and battered Ireland doffed its cap to departing IMF/EMC task masters, Druid Theatre opened its production of Dion Boucicault’s theatrical blockbuster of the 1860s -a Victorian melodrama in which a painfully...

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The Cavalcaders

The Cavalcaders by Billy Roche

Billy Roche’s The Cavalcaders was first staged in Dublin in 1993, and is a play conceived from the playwright’s boyhood memories of a local shoemaker’s shop, a handful of songs he composed on a piano that was saved from a fire, his brother’s imagined showband, and the effect...

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Annabelle's Star

Annabelle's Star by Mary McNally and Raymond Keane

Another Christmas, another wonderful production by the Ark. This year's Christmas production, Annabelle's Star, takes its audience on a magical wordless journey through loss and despair to hope and new beginnings. Set to beautiful original music by Conor Mitchell, Annabelle's Star tells the story of...

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The Trouble With Harry

The Trouble With Harry by Lachlan Philpott

Harry Crawford or Eugenia Falleni? Man or woman? Father or mother? These are the extreme polarities of identity which at one time or another sit on the shoulders of the central character in Australian writer Lachlan Philpott’s new play The Trouble with Harry, presented by TheatreofplucK in the...

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