Dublin Fringe Festival: Boys and Girls

Boys and Girls by Dylan Coburn Gray at Dublin Fringe Festival 2013

Boys and Girls by Dylan Coburn Gray at Dublin Fringe Festival 2013

 In Boys and Girls, Dylan Coburn Gray introduces us to four young college kids – two of whom are struggling with the brave new world of sexuality and two of whom are grabbing it by the horns (no pun intended).  We meet them on a night of drugs, clubs, bodies and booze, and are treated to a series of monologues which seem impossibly eloquent and beautifully composed for material so hilarious, contemporary, and at times, downright filthy.  For these monologues to also be perfectly rhyming seems a tall order, and is one which is delivered with finesse. 

The four characters all offer very different perspectives, despite living in the same world – the Dublin of today.  We have the cocky loudmouthed charmer, the hapless modern man - raised to be “too wholesome to get some” - the independent firecracker who knows what she wants and when she wants it, and finally the bored one stuck in a stagnant relationship.  There isn’t a single weak link in the cast, with each actor staying faithful to the rhythm and comic timing of Coburn Gray’s lines.  Despite the fact that the performances and narratives are almost entirely independent of each other, there is a definite feeling of the ensemble indicated through the actors’ glances and an awareness of each other throughout.  This, together with the fluidity of the performance, makes for a very polished piece which is incredibly enjoyable. 

Star rating: ★★★★★

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Dublin Fringe Festival: Boys and Girls by Dylan Coburn Gray

18-21 September 2013

Produced by Dylan Coburn Gray
In The Pearse Centre

Written and Directed by Dylan Coburn Gray
Cast:  Ronan Carey, Seán Doyle, Maeve O’Mahony, Claire O’Reilly