Absolut Fringe 2012: SINGLEHOOD

Una McKevitt's SINGLEHOOD as part of ABSOLUT Fringe

Una McKevitt's SINGLEHOOD as part of ABSOLUT Fringe

“Alone again… naturally.” The Gilbert O'Sullivan line is delivered with an open smile, as eight performers and two musicians enter one by one and take their seats in the circle for Singlehood, a piece of documentary theatre woven from the personal stories of fifty singletons (well, 49 plus one recent defector), threaded with witty tunes written and performed by platonic partnership, The Guilty Folk.

Suspended high overhead are five large bundles of boxes, 'HuntOffice' and 'Handle With Care' emblazoned on their sides, glowing pink, yellow, cold blue as the mood shifts in the space. The lights remain on in the auditorium throughout: there is nowhere to hide when the cast come on all full frontal and tell us exactly what they'd like to do with us, the AWLF.

Under the precise hand of Una McKevitt, the cast – some of whom are not trained actors – perform a workshopped and rehearsed script as if hearing and responding to it for the first time. It all looks so effortless, when it is anything but. Small details – a glitzy 'Hollywood' necklace, the faintest boy band gesture – are brilliant in their restraint.

At the same time, Singlehood is somewhat limited by its strict form and content, and – apart from an interaction between two friends and the erection that comes between them – never quite manages to move beyond a general sharing and recognition of experiences towards something deeper. Nevertheless, Singlehood is a funny, warm and thoroughly engaging production.

Star rating: ★★★★

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Absolut Fringe 2012: SINGLEHOOD by Una McKevitt Productions

18-22 Sept 2012

Produced by Una McKevitt Productions
In Project Arts Centre

Conceived and directed by Una McKevitt in collaboration with David Coffey

Set & Costumes: Grace O'Hara

Lighting Design: Barry Madden

With: Conor Behan, Dee Roycroft, Eric Lalor, Eva-Jane Gaffney, Joanne McNally, Rory Murphy, Steve O'Sullivan, Sue Cahill, and The Guilty Folk