Absolut Fringe 2012: BANDIT

Brian O'Riordan's BANDIT as partof ABSOLUT Fringe 2012

Brian O'Riordan's BANDIT as partof ABSOLUT Fringe 2012

Having run from his past, his responsibilities, and his memories, Peter (Brian O'Riordan) is ready to run for real. Sort of. Like, he is in fact going to run the Dublin Marathon. Except, he’s not registered. He is what is known in big race parlance as a bandit, and he’s out to prove he can go the distance, even if he is essentially cheating.
We are treated to the story of his life as he runs the race: a precocious talent, he goes off the rails due to a family tragedy. As we get closer and closer to the finish line, we get closer to the core of his story, which makes perfect metaphorical sense. The way there, however, meanders down byways that take away from the forward motion.
O'Riordan penned the piece as well as plays it, and he runs and acts simultaneously, which is possibly something that may have not been done on an Irish stage before. His prodigal son in running shoes is an interesting character, and the degree to which the pacing of the text may match up to the pacing of a marathon is interesting in theory, but not as successful in practice.

Star rating: ★★

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Absolut Fringe 2012: BANDIT by Brian O'Riordan

12-21 Sept 2012

Produced by Brian O'Riordan
In Bewley's Cafe Theatre

A Show in a Bag presented by ABSOLUT Fringe, Fishamble: The New Play Company and Irish Theatre Institute