Absolut Fringe: BROADENING

Glass Doll Productions' BROADENING as part of ABSOLUT Fringe

Glass Doll Productions' BROADENING as part of ABSOLUT Fringe

How far could you be pushed away from who you think you are?

Broadening brings together a group of people who have signed up for a secret social experiment. Some knowingly, for money or escape, have agreed to be participants. Others think they are in control of the process, but even they are manipulated and recorded in the name of ‘science.’

In this excellent new play by Peter Dunne for Glass Doll Productions what is supposedly being tested is the limits of endurance in extreme conditions; the levels of tolerance when pushed by those in power.

Taking the nuclear structure of the family as a starting point, the simple premise is that the volunteers would play house in assigned familial roles. Locked in a basement and manipulated by those upstairs however, it all spins out of control as man’s darker nature emerges under the extremity of the situation.

Unnerving, disturbing, thought provoking; this is new writing at its best, played by an outstanding cast. Laced with tension, questions of control, power and responsibility emerge as we witness the story in non-chronological, quick-fire sequence.  

Rock-solid direction by Ronan Phelan is greatly helped by Zia Holly’s brilliant lighting design and sound by Denis Clohessy in building a slow burning, fascinating horror. Who else is down there, who is in charge and what does this all mean?

Star rating: ★★★★★

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Absolut Fringe: BROADENING by Glass Doll Productions

12-15 Sept 2012

Produced by Glass Doll Productions
In The Lir

Playwright: Peter Dunne

Director: Ronan Phelan

Set/ Lighting Designer: Zia Holly

Sound Designer:  Denis Clohessy

Producers:  Aoife Moroney-Ward and Donncha O’Dea