Calling all quizzers
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Booking for the National Campaign for the Arts 'WTF' Table Quiz on April 18th is through Project Arts Centre

Emma O'Kane leaps into action in a photoshoot for the National Campaign for the Arts. Photo: Mark Stedman

Calling all quizzers

Those in possession of specialist and general knowledge together with dependable memory retrieval skills can put their point scoring to a number of good causes this month. The National Campaign for the Arts, which is entirely funded by donations, is hosting its first table quiz next month on April 18, while those well-established quizmasters, the Theatrical Cavaliers, will host their own Annual Quiz ten days later in support of the Equity Benevolent Fund on April 28.

The acronym-studded NCFA “WTF” Table Quiz is a fundraising event for the organisation to be held at Yamamori on Bachelor’s Walk on April 18 where teams of 4 can enter for €60. This quiz is set by Emily Mark-FitzGerald and readers are kindly instructed not to cosy up to her in the hopes of improving their chance to win one of several undoubtedly great prizes. The Theatrical Cavaliers Quiz will take place on April 28 in The Teacher’s Club.

In both quizzes, we expect, participants will agree to be bound by the no-smartphone-consultation honour policy, or that they surrender their iPhones on arrival.


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