Life Behind the Venue

Life Behind the Venue by Eoin Ó hAnnracháin and Mary-Lou McCarthy

Clinic Media’s latest production Life Behind the Venue promises viewers the opportunity to become participants in the interior life of the theatrical experience and (allegedly) to learn the basics of ushering. Their central idea is that, on the surface, a performance might appear polished and neatly...

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Marvel by Elizabeth Moynihan

Marvel (Alma Emo) is a professional escort trafficked as a child from Liberia. She now works in Dublin under the management of the unseen but omnipresent Goran, a Croatian ‘businessman’ who has entrusted €230m to futures and hedge fund trader Dion (Liam Hourican). Part of their deal...

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Danny and the Deep Blue Sea

Danny and the Deep Blue Sea by John Patrick Shanley

John Patrick Shanley’s Danny and the Deep Blue Sea, written in 1983, is a play about most of the ingredients that make us humans human: the need to be heard, understood, loved and accepted, and the fear of not being any of these things. It is a play that is perpetual in the emotional resonance...

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The Clearing

The Clearing by Helen Edmundson

Helen Edmundson is probably best known for her stage adaptations of classic novels, including Anna Karenina and The Mill on the Floss. The Clearing is one of her earliest professionally produced works; it premiered at the Bush Theatre in 1993, where it directed by Lynne Parker, and won a Time Out Award...

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The Importance of Being Earnest

The Importance of Being Earnest by Gerald Barry

Without a shadow of a doubt, in about twenty years’ time, opera audiences all over the world will be saying things like “You can’t beat a good Earnest to kick start the season". For this is what we have here – a recently composed contemporary opera which, in a few short months,...

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Summertime by David Ireland

With Northern Ireland's Health Minister, Edwin Poots, recently failing in his legal attempts to prevent the donation of blood by gay men and to ban adoption by civil partners, any play tackling the homophobia inspired by Christian fundamentalism is clearly addressing a vital topic in Northern Irish society....

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The Caucasian Chalk Circle

The Caucasian Chalk Circle by Bruiser Theatre Company

The influence of Bertolt Brecht's anti-realist, Epic Theatre movement upon Bruiser's performance style has been much in evidence since the Belfast-based company's earliest days. Indeed, this sprawling masterpiece, written towards the end of World War II, is such a heaven-sent vehicle that one wonders...

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Wexford Festival Opera 2013: Thérèse/La Navarraise

Wexford Festival Opera 2013: Thérèse/La Navarraise by Wexford Festival Opera

Double-bills are rare in opera, logistically the most demanding of theatrical art-forms. Two casts to co-ordinate, twin sets of rehearsal schedules, major scene-shifts and multiple costume changes during performances – the practical difficulties can be insurmountable, the extra costs involved prohibitive. All...

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Wexford Festival Opera 2013: Il Cappello di Paglia di Firenze

Wexford Festival Opera 2013: Il Cappello di Paglia di Firenze by Wexford Festival Opera

A hungry horse eats the straw hat of a woman, who's having an assignation behind a tree with her lover, who threatens the horse's owner, whose wedding is supposed to be happening, but who's forced to bunk off on a frantic goose chase, to find a replacement hat so that the errant woman's husband, who...

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Wexford Festival Opera 2013: Cristina, Regina di Svezia

Wexford Festival Opera 2013: Cristina, Regina di Svezia by Wexford Festival Opera

This year's major act of resurrection is Cristina, Regina di Svezia by Jacopo Foroni, an Italian-born composer who spent much of his adult life in Sweden. And while the music of the opera, premiered in 1849, undoubtedly has elements of Donizetti, Bellini, and Verdi in it, Foroni apes none of them, fashioning...

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